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Raw materials
Steel plants usually allocate large open space to stockpile enough raw materials, such as coal, for metallurgical Equipment including blast Furnaces, sintering, coke ovens and etc. However, the space is easy to cause airborne dust. Therefore, we developed a dust-control system, by which the dust collection rate proves 90%, to add moisture to stockpiles to prevent dust. Nozzles produce drops to collide with dust particles that are already airborne
Coke,Ammonia water nozzle,Quenching nozzle
Blast furnace
Sleeves for the blast furnace tuyere,Spray water into the blast furnace,Gas cooling
Oxygen lance ,Forging oxygen lance nozzle,Casting oxygen lance nozzle,Wet processof dedusting nozzle,Dry process of dedusting nozzle
full ranges of VD, VOD and RH refining equipment, vacuum pump nozzle and vacuum system, nozzles for RH refining furnaces, multi-functional oxygen gun for refining furnaces.\r\n
electric furnace
Furnace,Oxygen lance of furnace wall,Cluster oxygen lance,Blowing oxygen integrated system of electric furnace,Box used for water cooling ,Gas burner
Continuous Casting
continuous Casting