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Air-water atomizing nozzle
Air-water atomizing nozzle
air-water atomizing nozzle


Characteristics:1. The cooling is more even, and water can be well- distributed in the whole spray area in stead of concentrated in some smaller area.2. Flow range is large. The ratio of min and Max flow rate for ordinary nozzles will be 1:10, 1:25 for special nozzles, but only 1:3 for the water spray nozzle.3. The diameter of spray drop is small. The average diameter of body areas is all below 100 when Rwa is under 35 , which raises the cooling efficiency greatly. It can save water by 30% - 50% under the same cooling condition.4. The nozzle is not easy to be blocked up and has a long service life. It can reduce the quantity of nozzles needed and maintenance on site under the same condition.

Tips:1. Sauter Mean Diameter (SMD) is used to show the drop size when Rwa =20, in the table and all the following tables.2. Air-water atomizing nozzles are made of HPb59-1, 1Cr 18Ni9Ti and H62;3. The total length of a nozzle can be designed to different requirements.


The nozzle is of water - air nozzle. Its spray pattern is in flat shape, with even atomization, small droplets and large diffuse-angles. This nozzle is especially suitable for the secondary cooling of slab continuous caster and super-low head continuous caster, as well as for textile moisturize.


The nozzle body is made of rolling copper, so it is good in sealing performance and wear resistance. The nozzle can be replaced if it is worn out. Its spray is in the flat shape with large spraying angle and even atomization, so fewer nozzles are needed for cooling. This nozzle is especially suitable for the secondary cooling of super-low-head continuous caster and continuous casting alloy steel slab.


This type of nozzle is air-water atomizing nozzle Internal mixing type. Its spray pattern is in the shape of peak, with even atomization and little blockage. This nozzle is connected to a plate fitted on equipment, so it is easy to install or replace the components. This is suitable for the secondary cooling of continuous casting square/round blooms and other equipment that needs cooling.


The nozzle has a new structure. The spray pattern is like a flat band, with a larger spray angle and even atomization. The nozzle orifice cannot be easily blocked up. The nozzle body is made of stainless steel, so it has long service life and stable performance compared with the ordinary nozzle. It is mainly used for the secondary cooling of slab continuous caster and can be also used for air purification and cooling of equipment.