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Hollow cone nozzle
Hollow cone nozzle
hollow cone nozzle


The nozzle is marked with a simple structure, even spray and easy operation. It is mainly suitable for secondary cooling in billet continuous casters in steel plants, and can also be used for air cleaning, cooling water treatment, decontamination, wet spray, sea water spray, and etc.



The nozzle is characterized by the dislocation between the spraying centerpoint and the inlet axis. It sprays in the form of a hollow cone. The spray droplet is smaller, which is hard to be blocked.It is mainly used for dedusting, air humidification, decontamination, burning of sulphur and other equipment needing cooling.



Nozzles of this series are novel in structure. The spraying pattern is in the shape of a hollow cone. The spray angle is 40-90. Its sprays droplets are of the same size even under different pressures. Because the nozzle is hollow, the internal cavity is unobstructed. The product is mainly used for removing flying dust and other burning products in gas and air, decontamination and some equipment needing cooling.