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Spiral nozzle
Spiral nozzle
spiral nozzle

Our spiral nozzle is a series of anti-clogging nozzle developed to practical production requirements. The spray area of this kind of nozzle is formed by one or more continuous hollow conical ring of concentric circles. The spray pattern is either of hollow or solid cones. The unique structure makes it possible that the nozzle outlet size of smaller flow rate reaches several times as large as the liquid flow cross section of an ordinary nozzle. Since it is hollow, the nozzle’s passage is smoother and reduces the blocks to the maximum extent. This nozzle is of high liquid spray efficiency. In the same spray condition, the pump's pressure can be lowered to save energy. This nozzle is mainly used for waste gas washing, gas cooling, cleaning and in cooling tower and fire apparatus. It is also the best choice for dedusting and cooling of steel-making converter flue.


These four types of nozzles are all with male thread. The spray pattern of model LZ1 and LZ1-B is a hollow cone, while model LZ2 and LZ2-B is a solid cone. They are mainly used in places of dedusting, cleaning, cooling and fire fighting.






These two types of nozzles are flange type spiral nozzles. The spray pattern of model LZ3 is a hollow cone, while model LZ4 is a solid cone. They are mainly used in exhaust gas desulfurization, dedusting and gas cooling.




This type of nozzle boasts the largest smooth passage and impurities of large particles can pass through smoothly with minimum plug-back. The spray area is a solid cone. It is mainly used in sewage treatment system, flue gas cooling, dedusting and fireproofing.





These two types of nozzles are connected with pipes through male thread and female thread. The spray pattern is a solid cone. (Hollow cone pattern can be supplied according to customers' requirements.) Model LZ7 has a larger smooth passage than model LZ6. They are mainly used in flue gas desulfurization and lime slurry injection.




This is a kind of spiral nozzle of small flow rate. its spray pattern is a hollow cone with fine atomization. it is mainly used in evaporative cooling, air damping and dust control.



This nozzle consists of 6 ordinary spiral nozzles and an assembling ball. It can spray evenly in all directions. Complete coverage makes it possible to clean the inner cavity of the containers you use. The 6 small nozzles can be replaced according to different requirements.



This nozzle is with unique structure, which can spay reversely . It saves water more effectively than other spiral nozzles. It is mainly suitable for jar cleaning and other places where wide-angle spray is needed.