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GPZ Series high-pressure nozzle
GPZ Series high-pressure nozzle
high-pressure nozzle descaling

We developed GPZ series high -pressure nozzles. By using the high kinetic energy of liquid under high pressure, the nozzles can be used for descaling, cleaning and coating.

This series include high-pressure descaling nozzles, nozzles for coating and nozzles for cleaning.

While developing GPZ series high-pressure nozzles, we developed the test system for high-pressure nozzles which has been accepted and affirmed as eligible by the quality inspection organs concerned. The system simulates the practical working condition of high-pressure nozzles and transfers signals through the pressure sensors, flow rate sensors and etc. The computer detects and collects the impact forces, flow rates and spray angles, and then processes and prints them out in the form of charts.

The operating pressure of GPZ series range from 2.0 to 50.0MPa. The flow rate, spray angles and impact forces are different under different operating pressure.

We can cater to any special requirements in operating pressure, flow rate, spray angles or sizes for installation.

Features of high-pressure descaling nozzles

The high-pressure water sprayed by high pressure descaling nozzle is in the shape of a thin flat curtain of high speed with high impact force per unit area. High-pressure descaling nozzles are widely used to remove scales (oxide scale) in rolling billets in the course of steel rolling. This is the precondition for the high surface quality of the rolling products and extends the service life of the rollers at the same time.

The high-pressure descaling nozzles can also be used in cleaning and decontamination and to clean off the waste on the wares’ surface.

Features of nozzles for coating

Our high-pressure nozzles for coating excel in high wear resistance and impact force. The spray pattern is in flat shape with even distribution. The nozzle is compact. The spray angle ranges from 5 - 110 covering a large jet area. It is suitable for coating in chemical industry and air humidifying.

Features of nozzles for cleaning

High- pressure nozzles for cleaning produce low flow rate but high impact force. Its spray pattern is flat. The liquid fields sprayed by this kind of nozzle are equally distributed. The nozzle orifices, made of hardened stainless steel or tungsten carbide based on sophisticated technologies, have longer service life and can control the flow rate accurately. There are guide vanes inside the nozzle, which can stabilize liquid vortex to produce the largest spray pattern and the highest impact force. It can be used in cleaning, rinsing, cutting and etc of various fields.