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Cooling, humidifying and dedusting
Cooling, humidifying and dedusting
spraying, cooling, humidifying, dedusting

In collaboration with Jiangsu University, Boji Spraying Systems Co. has developed a range of Spraying products for cooling, humidifying and dust-settling, which have been put to use in Olympic venues, the Three Gorges Project and the World Expo and welcomed by all the users.

The products mentioned above, characterized by low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency, are perfect for indoor and outdoor air conditioning, that of the public places in particular.

It usually comes in three types: the fixed, the movable and the concealed. The appearance and air conditioning indexes can be tailored to your different requirements. Solar-powered spraying cooling system is the main product in the range and is particularly suitable for city streets, squares and scenic spots.

The public area for general purposes喷雾降温增湿降尘

Special working places喷雾降温增湿降尘

Large temporary mass activity spots喷雾降温增湿降尘