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Return from AISTech2013

In order to facilitate the exports to the USA of metallurgic products, equipment, expertise, spare parts and etc., strengthen economic and technological cooperation and develop the North American market, Boji Group attended AISTech in Pittsburgh on May 6, 2013

AISTech, hosted by Association of Iron and Steel Technology, is the greatest Iron and Steel Exhibition in North America and one of the most well-known Exhibitions in the world as well. Meanwhile, American Steel Conference took place on advanced production technology and craftsmanship in iron and steel and skilled personnel from all over the world attended. The conference with a total area of 237000 square foot carried the turnout of more than 20, 000 people and 503 exhibitors from more than 40 countries districts.

At the conference, various nozzles made by Boji Group excel in specialization in spraying and hence were recognized by a lot of experts, especially those from our main competitors.


Berry, the leading manufacturer of Oxygen Lance Nozzles in the world, showed a great interest in our products and expected the further cooperation with us.

AISTech2013, the important platform for international communication in the North America, helps broaden Boji Group's reputation in the world.