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Automated Gas Nozzle Will Be Built in Pacific

Husky Corporation demonstrated its new Fuelmatics automated gas nozzle for reporters at its Pacific plant Jan. 23.

The high-tech system includes computers, infrared cameras and retractable arms. It was developed as the newest, cleanest and most convenient way to fill up.

Over an 18–month period, Husky worked with Sweden’s Fuelmatics Systems AB to get the new system ready for manufacture in Husky’s Pacific plant.

Heralded as drive-through fueling, with the same convenience as a drive-through ATM machine, car wash or restaurant, the new refueling system allows drivers to remain in their car for the approximately four minute it takes to fill up.

“Customers already eat, bank and wash cars using a drive-through system,” noted Brad Baker, Husky vice president.

Retailers will love the system, Baker said, because it will give motorists more time inside the store for snacks and accessories.

This is not the first time the drive-through refueling system was introduced, but earlier versions did not catch on. Now, with better robotics and the use of infrared cameras, Husky believes the time is right for the automated system.

“This will be especially right for extremely cold climates where people don’t want to stand outside their cars to fill up,” Baker said.

As yet there are no Fuelmatics systems installed in local stations, but Husky showed the system at a trade show in October and gas retailers liked it.

The $50,000 price tag of the system might result in a slight upcharge when first introduced at local stations, but Baker believes that will be temporary.